Today we will review a product called ZoGuard Plus for Dogs. If your dog is at risk from fleas and ticks you will need to read on.


What is Zoguard plus for dogs?

ZoGuard Plus for Dogs is very similar to Frontline Plus and has the same ingredients which offer the same level of flea and tick protection for a better price. ZoGuard Plus for Dogs is very effective no matter how bad your dog’s flea problem is. 

Every package has a 3-monthly dose which provides 12 weeks of protection for your pet. It is water-resistant and will remain effective after washing, swimming, or sun exposure.


How good is ZoGuard Plus for Dogs?

Research has shown that ZoGuard Plus for Dogs eliminates adult fleas for approximately three months. Use monthly if the dog is at a high risk of flea reinfestation. Apply every month to overpower chewing lice and ticks. ZoGuard continues to be effective despite exposure to the elements.


Is ZoGuard Plus as good as Frontline?

As mentioned above ZoGuard Plus for Dogs has the same active ingredients as Frontline Plus. It is the lesser well-known of the 2 brands however it will offer the same protection for your dog and at a fraction of the price.


How long does it take for ZoGuard to work?

ZoGuard Plus starts to kill fleas within 12 hours of the application when applied in line with the product instructions. In case there are flea eggs that haven’t hatched yet, they will also be exposed to the active ingredients.


What are the different types of flea treatment and prevention products?

    • Flea shampoos eliminate fleas that are currently on the dog. 
    • Topical preventives are generally applied once a month to the dog’s skin, usually on one spot at the rear of the neck.
    • Flea pills are given orally to the dog by mouth in order to kill fleas. 
    • A Flea collar is worn around the dog’s neck, this delivers flea protection to your dog’s coat and skin. 
    • There are also Flea sprays. These are sprayed onto the dog’s coat and skin. Flea sprays should be applied on a regular basis and are usually not as effective as the other flea prevention remedies.


What is the best flea treatment for dogs?

We’ve identified ZoGuard Plus for dogs as our favorite flea treatment. This is based on the price and the durability of the product and the fact that it starts to work straight away. If you are looking for a cost-effective treatment that gets better results then look no further.

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