Simparica for Dogs⁤ Review

Brief Overview

Simparica is an FDA-approved flea and tick medication for⁢ dogs that comes in the form of a chewable⁤ tablet. It ‍is made by Zoetis⁤ and is ⁣available in ⁢various dosages depending on the⁣ weight of the dog. ‍Simparica works‌ by killing existing fleas and is chewable and easy to administer.

Benefits of Simparica

  • Safety: ⁤The active ingredients in Simparica are well-tolerated by most dogs and are generally considered safe for use in puppies⁤ as young as 8 weeks of ​age.
  • Efficiency: Simparica starts killing fleas and ticks within 8 hours of exposure and continues to protect dogs for up to ⁢35 days.
  • Convenience: Simparica is available in chewable form, making it easy⁣ to give to dogs‌ as a treat. ‌The⁣ treatment⁢ also needs ⁤to ‌be given just once every month.

Side Effects of Simparica

Although Simparica is generally considered to be safe for dogs, there are some potential side effects that​ may ⁤occur:

  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy or depression
  • Excessive scratching, licking, or biting ⁢at the application site


Simparica is a safe and effective flea⁤ and tick medication for dogs. Given⁣ its efficiency, convenience, and safety, it is one of⁢ the most popular flea and tick ‍treatments available. However, ⁤it is important to remember that all medications have the potential for side effects, and it is important to monitor your⁣ dog ‌for any ⁣unusual signs or symptoms after administering Simparica.

What is the dosage of Simparica ‍for‌ Dogs per weight of the dog?

Simparica is a topical flea/tick medication approved for use in dogs 2 pounds and greater and 6 months of age and older. The recommended dosage is ‌1 chewable tablet based on the weight of the dog and administered orally once a month:

2.8 – 5.5​ lbs (1.3 – 2.5kg): One Simparica 2.8 mg chewable tablet

5.6 – 11 lbs (2.5 – 5 kg): One Simparica 5.6‍ mg chewable tablet

11.1 – 22‌ lbs (5.0 – 10 kg): One Simparica 11.3 mg chewable tablet

22.1 ⁢- 44 lbs (10 – 20 kg): ​One⁢ Simparica 22.6 mg chewable tablet

44.1 ⁣- 88 lbs (20⁤ – 40 ⁤kg): One Simparica‍ 45.2 mg chewable tablet

88.1 lbs/40 kg and⁣ greater:​ One Simparica 90.4 mg chewable tablet

Is Simparica for Dogs safe to use on puppies?

Yes, Simparica is safe to use on puppies⁢ as young as 8 ⁣weeks of age. Simparica is‌ an oral flea and⁣ tick preventative for dogs, with ‌fast-acting protection against fleas and ticks that starts killing​ fleas within⁤ 3 hours and ticks ‌within 8 hours. It ‌is safe for puppies and adult dogs 4.4 lbs or greater.

Does Simparica for Dogs ⁣help prevent ticks from laying eggs in the environment?

Simparica does not prevent ticks from laying ‌eggs in the environment. However, it does kill adult ticks already present on your pet before they can lay their eggs, helping to prevent tick-borne diseases. Therefore, if you use Simparica regularly,⁢ it can help reduce the risk of your pet becoming infected ‍with a tick-borne ‌illness.

How long‌ does Simparica for Dogs take to kill fleas and ticks?

Simparica for Dogs​ begins⁣ killing fleas⁤ within 3 hours and kills 100% of fleas within 8 hours of administration. It kills ticks within 8 hours of administration.

What kind of flea and tick prevention does Simparica provide for dogs?

Simparica provides broad-spectrum prevention and treatment from fleas and ticks, including paralysis ticks, for up to 35 days. It is ​approved for use in dogs 6 months of ⁢age and older. Simparica also kills fleas within 8 hours of administration and begins to kill ticks ⁤within 12 hours.
The best way to keep our canine family members safe and healthy is through preventative care. One tool that can help keep our furry friends safe is Simparica for Dogs – an orally administered medication that works as both a flea and tick preventative.

Simparica is a monthly, chewable tablet that’s easy to administer to most dogs. It starts working fast to protect against fleas and ticks without interrupting our canine companion’s daily activities. Additionally, Simparica stays active in the body for a full month, providing continuous protection from both pests.

Simparica is effective at killing fleas and ticks quickly, while also providing long-term protection. The medication comes with an additional note that it may also help prevent heartworm disease and reduce the chance of contracting Lyme disease. Additionally, Simparica has been proven to be safe for both puppies and adult dogs.

One of the best things about Simparica for Dogs is that it doesn’t have the uncomfortable side effects or oily stains that some other flea and tick treatments have. There are no bad smells or messy applications, and it can easily be incorporated into your pup’s regular routine.

Additionally, Simparica for Dogs is competitively priced and widely available from both online and offline retailers. Most veterinarians also stock it, so it’s convenient to get the medication when your pup is due for their check-up.

Overall, Simparica for Dogs is a great option for both flea and tick prevention. It’s easy to administer, helps reduce the chance of infections, and can be acquired at a reasonable price.

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