Scrumbles Dog Food Review


Scrumbles is a range of premium, high-quality and natural dog food produced in the UK. Their range contains a variety of flavours and recipes designed to suit the nutritional needs of any dog.


• Fresh chicken and turkey
• Grain free corn
• Sweet potatoes
• Organic peas
• Dehydrated carrot
• Apples
• Natural vitamins & minerals
• Flaxseeds
• Omega 3 & 6


• Natural, grain free and low-fat
• Free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, wheat, grains and fillers
• Promotes strong immune system and gut health
• Highly palatable and digestible
• No added sugar
• Suitable for puppies and adult dogs
• Suitable for sensitive skin and stomachs

Our Verdict

We highly recommend Scrumbles Dog Food for all owners who are looking for natural, healthy and nutritious food for their beloved pups. It is full of natural, freshly sourced ingredients and nutritionally balanced to ensure all the needs of your pup are met. All the ingredients used are of the highest quality and the recipes are tailored to suit the individual needs of your pup.

Is there an improvement in the health of dogs that eat Scrumbles Dog Food?

Yes, there is evidence to suggest that dogs who eat Scrumbles Dog Food experience improvements in their overall health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that dogs fed Scrumbles Dog Food often have better digestion, coats, and overall health. Additionally, Scrumbles Dog Food is formulated with all natural ingredients and vitamins necessary for a balanced diet, making it an ideal choice for any dog’s health needs.

What is the price range for Scrumbles Dog Food?

The price range for Scrumbles Dog Food depends on the type and size of the product. Prices range from $6.99 for a 6oz bag of treats to $45 for a 12 pound bag of dry food.

What ingredients are used in Scrumbles Dog Food?

Scrumbles Dog Food is made with natural British ingredients, including free-range meat, dried British fruits and vegetables, brown rice, oats, and linseed. They also use natural prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to ensure optimal nutrition for your pup.

What are the flavors or varieties of Scrumbles Dog Food

Scrumbles dog food comes in four varieties: Country Garden, Chicken and Veg, Ocean Fish and Sweet Potato. Each variety is packed with nutritional ingredients like brown rice, oatmeal, vegetables, chicken, ocean fish and sweet potato designed to provide your pup with balanced nutrition suitable for all life stages.

Are there any special instructions for storage of Scrumbles Dog Food?

Yes, Scrumbles Dog Food should be kept in an airtight container and stored in a cool, dry place. It is also important not to expose the food to extreme temperatures or sunlight as this can affect the quality of the food.
Scrumbles Natural Dog Food has been gaining popularity as a pet food option in recent years. It is an innovative premium kibble that uses only the finest natural ingredients. Vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals are added to its formula to help keep your pup’s energy levels balanced and their coat, skin, and teeth in optimal condition.

Scrumbles can be purchased in several varieties, including Classic, Grain Free, High Energy, Sustainably Sourced, and Vegetarian. Each of these diets is formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of your pup. For example, the Grain Free diet contains a higher amount of protein while the Vegetarian diet contains higher amounts of fiber. Regardless of your pup’s dietary preferences, Scrumbles has something that will fit their needs.

When it comes to flavor, Scrumbles have something for pups of all ages. Classic flavors like Lamb and Paella are sure to be a hit. Grain-Free also offers a variety of delicious flavors, such as Turkey & Salmon and Coconut & Tapioca. High Energy contains high-protein ingredients like Wild Rabbit and Pheasant for an extra energy boost, while the Sustainably Sourced diet features sustainably-sourced ingredients like Duck and Oatmeal.

Scrumbles Natural Dog Food is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to make sure their pup is getting the nutrition they need. With its high-quality ingredients and variety of delicious flavors, this kibble is sure to be a hit with both canines and their owners alike. For pet owners looking for a high-quality and healthy pet food, Scrumbles is the way to go!

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