Royal Canin Food Review

Royal Canin is ‌an international pet food⁤ brand that has been providing premium nutrition for dogs and‌ cats for over⁤ 40 years. As one of the top pet food manufacturers in the⁢ world, Royal Canin has developed a wide range of high-quality wet and dry dog foods to ⁤suit a​ variety of needs and preferences. Here’s our review of Royal Canin pet food.


  • Royal Canin pet ​food is nutritionally complete and balanced, meeting ‍the AAFCO standards for all life stages.
  • Royal Canin formulas are based on breed and age so that each pet can get ⁣the precise nutrition they need.
  • Royal Canin uses high-quality⁤ ingredients like fresh meat and whole eggs.
  • Royal Canin formulas are specifically formulated to promote good skin and coat health.
  • Royal Canin offers a⁢ wide variety of wet and dry foods, ⁤treats, and supplements.


  • Many of the formulas are⁢ higher in calories than‍ other ⁢brands, so they may be too rich for some pets.
  • Royal Canin formulas can‌ be more ‌expensive than other ​brands.
  • Royal Canin⁣ foods‍ may contain ⁣additional ingredients ⁤some pet parents may want to avoid, such as soybean meal and corn⁢ gluten meal.


Royal Canin offers high-quality nutrition for pets of⁤ all life stages and breeds. While the formulas can be more expensive and‍ contain additional ingredients, many pet parents ​still consider Royal Canin to⁢ be an excellent choice‍ for their pet’s health and nutrition.

What types of reviews does Royal Canin foods have?

⁤Royal Canin foods typically receive positive reviews from pet owners. Many cite the quality of ‌the ingredients, the palatability​ of the food, and⁣ the health benefits for their pet. Consumers also appreciate the variety of ‍flavors and formulas available, as well as‍ the fact that many of Royal Canin’s products are vet-recommended.

Does Royal Canin offer any special cat or dog formulas?

Yes, Royal Canin offers a variety of special ⁤formulas for both ⁤cats and dogs, including formulas tailored specifically for small breed⁣ dogs,⁢ large ​breed dogs, cats with food sensitivities,‍ and cats and dogs with particular dietary needs. Royal Canin’s Veterinary Diet product line has recipes designed for a wide variety of medical conditions and special nutritional requirements.

Does Royal Canin offer any customer loyalty programs ⁤or discounts

Yes, Royal Canin offers customer loyalty programs⁢ online and in store. Customers can receive various ​discounts depending on current promotions and special offers. Customers can also ⁣join the Royal Canin Rewards ‌program, which ​allows them to earn points‌ for⁣ purchases and redeem for rewards.

Are ‌Royal Canin foods reasonable priced for ⁣the quality offered?

Yes, Royal Canin foods⁢ are reasonably priced for the quality ‌offered. Royal Canin foods ‍are designed to meet the specific nutrition​ requirements of cats and dogs, and their products are formulated with high-quality ingredients that are designed to promote a healthy⁣ and balanced lifestyle. Royal Canin is also committed‍ to using⁤ natural⁢ ingredients to ‌ensure ​the health and safety of their pet population.

What is‍ the nutritional ​profile of Royal Canin foods?

The nutritional profile of Royal Canin⁢ foods‌ varies depending on ‌the specific product and breed of pet for which it is intended. Generally, Royal Canin foods are formulated with high-quality proteins, fatty acids, minerals, ⁤vitamins, and other essential nutrients to support overall health and wellbeing. Royal Canin foods are ​available in wet and dry formulas and may contain ingredients such as chicken, lamb, fish, rice, wheat, barley, peas, potatoes, and eggs. Many Royal‍ Canin diets also include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, ⁤as​ well as other‌ nutrients for skin and coat health, joint support, ⁢digestion,‍ weight management, and more.
Today, Royal Canin is one of the leading pet food brands in the world. Founded in 1967 in Aimargues, France, Royal Canin has quickly become a leader in providing innovative, tailored nutrition for dogs and cats. The company prides itself on its ability to provide solutions for every breed of dog and cat in order to meet their specific nutritional needs.

To ensure the highest quality of nutrition, Royal Canin uses only the finest and highest quality ingredients in its formulas. It is committed to using natural ingredients, including fresh chicken, beef, and salmon, to ensure the highest level of nutrition for your pet. Royal Canin offers a variety of formulas to meet everyday needs and special diets. From puppy and kitten formulas to senior formulas, Royal Canin has the right option for your pet.

In addition to its commitment to nutrition, Royal Canin also offers a variety of textures, shapes, and flavors to make the food appealing and easy for your pet to eat. Royal Canin also has a range of treats and snacks, as well as food specifically designed for different life stages and activities.

Overall, Royal Canin is a high-quality pet food that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual pet. With its commitment to quality ingredients, nutritious formulas, and varied textures, Royal Canin is a great choice for your pet’s nutrition.

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