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  1. What a wonderful story. Our dogs certainly enrich all our lives, but it particularly heartening to read stories like this.
  2. Try carrying some of their favourite treats with you, and every time they bring the ball/stick back give them one. We used to use a tiny piece of (cooked) liver. Be sure to remember that this is food though, so you don't end up with an obese dog that isn't interested in fetching anything.
  3. We have 4 semi ferel cats that have adopted us. Two were born here, their mother again being a cat that "just turned up", stuck around for a couple of years and then disappeared again. She did show up for 24 hours a couple of years ago, but no sight since. Of the other two we are sure one was dumped over our wall at the end of August a couple of years ago, as often happens around here, and we suspect the other has at least one more "home" as he can disappear for days on end, return clearly well fed, and we spotted him crossing the road from the direction of houses over there last week.
  4. MANDY Mandy was found abandoned in August, 2007. My husband brought her home, despite our having 4 dogs already. She sadly left us in July, 2017. December, 2007. ALFIE AND MAXI Alfie and Maxi came with the house when we bought it. They had simply been left there. Alfie is the one on his own, or as our son would say "he'll be the scruffy one then". Maxi is the white one in the group photo. We cannot be sure of their ages, but we think Maxi was quite young when she died around 2009 of Leismania. Alfie we think was about 14 when we sadly lost him last November. RUPERT AND HARVEY Our two German Shepherd/Collie crosses. Harvey is looking through the hole in the wall. What can I say about them? Harvey was certainly a handful - I will leave it at that. We lost him 30th May, 2016, aged 14 1/2. Rupert was a much easier going dog, who used to go everywhere with me in the car until the last few months of his life. He left us a year later, 8th May, 2017, at the age of 15 1/2.
  5. Looks more like he is trying to get in.
  6. Enter him for mutt of the month!
  7. Margaret

    A Story About Poop

    You can buy biodegradeable plastic bags - not cheap though.
  8. Margaret

    Dog fears

    Is it a new door, or just any door?