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  1. Thunder has a different feel to other noises. The atmosphere changes and it’s near on impossible to replicate this with a CD. This blog is about fireworks but also same method used for other disturbances. If you can remain calm your dog will match you. He is your mirror. https://www.bellaandduke.com/guide/is-your-dog-frightened-of-fireworks/
  2. Hiya. Id crouch down side in so your dog comes close in. Refrain from going straight for the ball. When your dog is right in stroke him under the chin. Then runaway and repeat. The aim is your not taking the toy immediately. Whether you do this 2,3 or more time be random. Then take hold of the toy and be quiet and face away. Your dog will release it. Then give a food reward if you like.
  3. Hiya. I’m a canine behaviourist. I’ve written a couple of books and write many blogs on behaviour related subjects. I’m wondering if your dog barks at anything else ? The front door, people passing the home. It would be good to put into practice the method in other areas too. Here is one of my blogs about barking. I do hope it helps https://www.bellaandduke.com/doggy-health-happiness/barking-dogs-puppies-home/
  4. Hi. Vet Dr Conor Brady who wrote the article and owns dogsfirst website I linked in does not produce food for dogs. He advocates making a raw diet yourself. So yes, it is from another view point Cooking will deplete nutrients. I’ve fed my dogs on raw for 20 years now. For me it was a choice I made seeing that our health professionals are advising a non processed diet for us. You mention one size fits all. Look at food we feed any other animal in our care. Do we have baby parrot food, baby rabbit food, foal food ... no. In fact it’s only because of manufacturers brainwashing us we now have human baby food and so on. Have a watch of this and yes it is a manufacture talking but talking sense IMO and experience too https://www.bellaandduke.com/guide/whats-the-beef-with-raw-dog-food-podcast-45/ best wishes
  5. Hiya. People prepare raw meat for their own consumption. The same care needs to be taken with preparing for our dogs. This article will hopefully help you with more info. https://dogsfirst.ie/raw-faq/is-raw-meat-bad-for-dogs/
  6. Thanks Andy.I can’t find the whole question about raw. Yes I’d love to contribute. I charge £75 per article. Best wishes Caroline
  7. Hi I’m Caroline Spencer. Natural Canine Behaviourist. Author of “Why Does My dog do that ? And come Author of Parenting Your New Puppy. Designer of Happy At Heel Harness. I conduct 1-2-1 Behavioural consultations and write blogs and articles for raw food company Bella and Duke. Advise in behavioural issues for members in their fb group. I have 3 dogs. 2 working cockers and a Labrador. All have taught me so much as have 1000’s of other dogs over the last 30 plus yrs