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  1. yes, as he starts to anticipate you throwing the second ball you can add the word 'drop' in at the same time as he spits the first ball out. That pairs the behaviour of him spitting the ball out with the cue word 'drop' . That way he learns a verbal cue and then you will be able to fade out the 2nd ball 🙂
  2. Hello Lou72 A great way to teach your dog to drop is to carry 2 identical toys with you. They need to be identical so that you avoid your dog having a favourite and deciding they want to hold on to one over the other. When your dog returns with the ball, produce the second ball. Imagine it's treasure and make a big fuss of the ball. When you show interest and excitement in the ball your dog will be curious and should drop the ball from their mouth and you can reward them by throwing it for them. As they go after the 2nd ball pop the first ball into your pocket and then repeat the process all over again. Just remember though that if you play fetch for more than a few minutes it's going to be harder for your dog to let go as their arousal level will be too high. I would recommend practicing at home for 2-3 minutes at a time. Hope that's helpful