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  1. How would I go about stopping my dark from barking at car horns? She’s normally very quiet but car horns really set her off barking and whining uncontrollably.
  2. Welcome to the site @Louise vadgama it’s lovely to see a dog given a new lease of life like this.
  3. A good point. We often forget the dog can’t tell their side of the story.
  4. Well I got outvoted on this one convincingly. I can’t bring myself to let mine on the bed though. Not when I see where they’ve been during the day.
  5. We keep hearing things like "No such thing as a bad breed only bad owners" and now another child has been killed in Cornwall this fire has been stoked once more. I have seen many family friendly Rottweilers and Staffies etc. but there is clear statistical evidence that these dogs DO bite more often and with more serious consequences than other breeds. What is the answer to this? Do we need a dog training test similar to the driving test?
  6. They get me off my lazy backside and make sure I get my daily exercise. I need to keep the joints moving at my age.
  7. I'm late to the party but welcome Hayley. I loved reading this story.
  8. Like: All the cute mutts Loathe: Forceful training methods
  9. I was once walking through our local country park and a deer came running out of the trees followed closely by 3 loose dogs and then a fair bit further back what I presumed to be their owner. A few minutes later this was repeated again at a different location in the park.
  10. Here's one. Why do dogs do a few circles on the spot before lying down?
  11. Toby

    Raw food?

    Thank you, I read your article and found it very interesting although forgive me if I remain skeptical. I did ask for the other viewpoint so appreciate you providing it even though the article is published on a raw food supplier website so may not be totally without bias 😉 The article is very compelling in that it highlights a dog is more capable than humans at digesting raw food and dealing with harmful organisms but just because they are naturally better at processing baceteria does it mean we should be exposing them to it? I also found the question asking if I had ever seen a dog turn on a cooker humorous. I agree that mass manufactured dry dog food is not likely to be the best for our dogs in terms of nutritional value or preventing the spread of disease but I still can’t bring myself to accepting raw food as the solution. I am attracted to the claimed benefits of shinier coats, fresher smelling breath and more energy etc. but other articles I have read suggest that these benefits might come from the typically higher fat content with raw food diets and perhaps the best solution is not necessarily *raw* but a more nutritionally balanced home-cooked diet. I think the problem is my lack of trust of commercial manufacturers in both the dry and raw food markets. It seems currently in the commercial space we have a choice between cheap mass manufactured dry food that claims to be “nutritionally balanced” with a one size fits all policy (or at least divided into a broad range of categories like puppy, active, senior), or raw food that has a higher risk of disease transmission through poor preparation practices and also the difficulty in avoiding nutritional deficiencies. I’m currently leaning towards a home cooked diet that is more nutritionally balanced after finding out what that balance should be. It’s not likely to be the cheapest or fastest to prepare but I will feel more comfortable I’m doing the best for my dog. The research continues...
  12. I am under no illusions there will be a conclusive outcome to this conversation but I would like to have a considered debate if others are willing to indulge me. There is a growing trend of people feeding a raw diet to dogs and personally, I think this is irresponsible and that the risks far outweigh any supposed benefits. I'm worried that consumers will take a raw is best stance without first understanding the risks. These aren't just risks to their own dogs but the risk of disease transfer and salmonella. I'm willing to accept that under ideal circumstances, if the raw food is properly prepared and stored and a proper nutritional balance can be achieved then this would be better for a dog's health but will the average consumer do this? Will the average consumer even consider a raw diet though. Has anybody here been feeding a raw diet? I'd like to get some other opinions.