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  1. she is always by my side. When I take a nap she will "stand guard" and growl if the wife comes to close while I am asleep.
  2. Mine has several toys but she has a raccoon that is about 6 inches long that is her fav. She can quite make it squeek though. She is an excellent fetch dog. Usually first thing in the morning she brings it to me for 15 minutes of play before we go to work (yes, she goes with me)
  3. Unfortunately my wife and kids usually spaz out during the rough storms, we are just a bit out of tornado alley so we see our share of house shaking thunder in the spring
  4. My Yorkie is terrified of thunderstorms, she will pace around to try to figure out how to get away from the noise. I don't know if this is the correct solution but what I did for her was to let her in my daughters room (daughter is here on weekends, at her moms thru the week), turn on the TV and a fan for mask the noise of the thunder and put a pillow under the bed. Seems to help except during extreme spring storms. Maybe this will help you, or if you have any tips for me would be appreciated
  5. Obviously we have our Yorkie. We also have an African Grey parrot (which the Yorkie barks at everytime he flaps his wings) and not so much a pet but 6 Alpacas in the pasture. Will edit in pics when I take some
  6. This is my owner Sadie, she is a 3 year old Yorkie and she has me well trained. I was never a little dog kind of guy till Sadie came to live here, she is my sidekick We live in the USA