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  1. Thanks very much Andy! Really appreciated x What dog do you Have?
  2. Kara is beautiful 😍 lovely pic xx
  3. Hey Helen Lovely to meet you 🙂 He has a lot of fits but we don't really know what causes them.. could be heat.. running around too much, we don't know. He loves watching TV so if he has a fit we put the TV on and just don't let him get up until it's over. As soon as it's over he usually sleeps. He is such a lovely boy and it is hard work - he is a very typical dog and loves football and bubbles in the garden 🙂 What dog do you have? 🙂 Anna and Sam x
  4. Hey guys! This is my border collie Sammy 🙂 He is an epileptic and anxious dog but very loving and always happy. I've found it very hard work taking on a dog with a lot of problems and a disability but I love him with all the world 🙂 Nice to meet you guys - looking forward to hearing about your dogs and seeing them 🙂 Anna x
  5. Anna291


    Sam says please can he enter :)