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  1. Rosa is a red tri colour border collie. Nearly every walk we go on she gets called brown, brown Merle, red Merle ect and when say no she's not they argue with me 😂 Why is this???
  2. We definitely wouldn't 🥰
  3. Kara is beautiful! Rosa is full of energy but she is such a pleasant, loving dog. There is no bad in her. I'm sure you have the same as us hairs everywhere 😂 We are all used to it now 😂
  4. Hi Helen, thank you, Rosa is 13 months old 🙂 Do you have a dog as well?
  5. Hi, meet Rosa, our red tri colour border collie. First time here and have entered her into the monthly competition 😀
  6. Aisling


    Rosa loving a good hike