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  1. Lynn johnson

    Milo and joker

    If you’re name ain’t down your not coming in
  2. Lynn johnson

    Murphy milo and joker

    The race is on,uncle and brothers in the sea
  3. Murphy is the top dog he's 5 and milo is his nephew who is 1 they were both born 16th July respectively, we also had blaize who we sadly lost on 14th June aged 17 yrs
  4. hi I'm a newbie , I have 2 lurchers Murphy and milo who are uncle and nephew though they don't look like they are related Murphy is 5 and milo 1 they where both born on 16th July , I'm looking forward to seeing all the happy dogs and owners and reading their stories
  5. Lynn johnson

    murphy and milo

    my beautiful boys uncle and nephew who share the same birthday
  6. Lynn johnson


    cheeky boy sticking out your tongue