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  1. He burps just after I’ve told him off for eating the cat food.
  2. Ursula


  3. I fear I may eat these before they get to the dog!
  4. We do the same as Andy with our pug. We use pine cones, sticks etc so it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t bring it back and I don’t chase him but just walk in the other direction. My pug certainly doesn’t want to be more than 2 metres away from me. 😂
  5. Oh thanks for this. I also shy away from films where something horrible happens to the animals. Good to know this one is ‘safe’.
  6. Has anyone tried the products that you plug in and they release a smell which is supposed to relax dogs and cats when you are out of the house and they are alone? I’m wondering if they work?
  7. Louise, I think this is the best Pug name I have ever heard. Inspired :)