Orijen Amazing Grains Review

What are Amazing Grains?

Orijen⁣ Amazing Grains‌ are a unique ​blend of all-natural grains and high-protein plant sources designed to provide superior nutrition for dogs and cats. The grain-free formula supports healthful digestion, provides sustained energy and ‌enhances a pet’s‌ overall health.


Orijen Amazing Grains is loaded with highly nutritious ingredients, such as:

  • Organic ⁤Quinoa
  • Brown Rice
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Hemp Hearts
  • Organic Oats
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Chia Seeds


Orijen Amazing⁣ Grains provides a number of healthful benefits to pets. This grain-free formula helps to support healthy digestion while providing​ sustained energy for active pets. Additional benefits include:

  • Highly Palatable‍ — This blend of grains and plant⁤ sources is a tantalizing treat⁤ for pets and‍ highly palatable.
  • Rich Source of Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids — These⁣ fatty acids can help improve a pet’s skin and coat health.
  • High Protein Content — Orijen Amazing ⁢Grains is a rich source of proteins, 100%⁤ natural and grain-free.


Orijen Amazing Grains is a unique grain-free formula ‌designed⁢ to provide ‍superior nutrition for cats and dogs. The‌ grain-free blend of quinoa, brown rice, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, organic oats, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds provides balanced nutrition and a host of healthful benefits. Highly palatable and rich in omega-3 and -6​ fatty acids, as well as‍ proteins, Orijen Amazing⁣ Grains‍ is the perfect⁢ choice to fuel active pets.

What specific grains are used in Orijen Amazing Grains?

Orijen Amazing Grains contains a blend of five certified-organic ‍grains: oats, barley, brown rice, millet and quinoa.

What⁤ are the primary sources of protein in​ Orijen ​Amazing Grains?

Orijen Amazing Grains contains several high-quality animal ⁤proteins, including deboned chicken, turkey, duck, eggs, herring, and mackerel. It also contains a variety of plant proteins such as​ garbanzo beans, lentils, peas, and potatoes.

Is Orijen Amazing Grains a⁣ suitable option ⁤for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Yes, Orijen Amazing Grains is an excellent option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The food is made with a blend of organic and ⁤free-range ‍ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins, which are less likely to trigger digestive upset.​ The inclusion of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria, in the food​ also helps to keep the microbiome in a healthy balance, which can help reduce digestive upset.

What are the key health ⁤benefits of ⁤the ingredients in Orijen Amazing⁣ Grains?

The key health benefits of the ingredients ⁢in Orijen Amazing Grains include:

1. Whole-grain complex carbohydrates – Provide a slow,⁤ sustained release of energy, which helps ‍maintain energy levels throughout the‍ day. ⁢

2. Omega-3 fatty acids – Essential ‌fatty acids for normal skin, coat, and joint health.⁤

3. Prebiotics, probiotics and ⁢digestive enzymes ⁣– Help support healthy digestion and microbial balance in the gut.

4. Vitamins and minerals – An⁢ extensive variety of vitamins and minerals, for general health maintenance and structure and function of numerous body systems.

5. Antioxidants – Numerous antioxidants, including vitamin E and vitamin C, to help protect cells from ⁣damage.

6. Fiber – Fiber to help regulate the digestive process and maintain⁣ regularity.

7. Protein – Quality animal proteins from fish, ⁣poultry, and eggs to help⁣ maintain muscle and energy levels.

How does⁤ Orijen Amazing Grains benefit a dog’s diet?

Orijen Amazing Grains dog⁣ food provides⁤ a nutritious balance of proteins, ​fats, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. The kibble is made with ⁤85% high-quality animal ingredients, including fresh chicken,⁣ turkey, and duck from local prairie farms. This combination of proteins provides ‌an optimal balance of essential amino acids for healthy ⁣muscle growth and maintenance. The ‍grain-free formula contains a variety of⁢ nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that ⁣are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals, as well as Omega-3‍ fatty acids for⁢ a healthy coat and skin. ‍The addition of fresh, regional meats and wholesome fruits and vegetables⁤ offers maximum nutrition and bioavailability for your pup.
Feeding your pet the right food is a crucial part of keeping them healthy. That’s why Orijen Amazing Grains reviews are worth reading, as they can help you decide if this is the right choice for your furry friend. This high-quality grain-free formula from Champion Petfoods is the perfect choice for cats and dogs alike.

Orijen Amazing Grains is made from 85% animal ingredients and 15% fresh fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. It is also free from grains, gluten, and potatoes, making it ideal for pets with sensitivities or allergies to these ingredients. This formula is rich in proteins which are essential to your pet’s health. The fresh, regional ingredients include wild-caught salmon, turkey, and regional fruits and vegetables, providing a well-rounded, high-nutrition diet.

The reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive. Many customers have praised its high-protein formula and have shown that their pets love the taste. Other reviews mention how easily their pets have transitioned to this food with few issues. Many reviews have also noted that this food contains only

high-quality ingredients, has a pleasant scent, and is easy to store.

One of the best things about Orijen Amazing Grains is that it meets all the nutritional requirements for adult cats and dogs. According to reviews, this food is highly digestible and provides pets with the nourishment they need to stay healthy. It is also claimed to provide healthy skin and coat benefits to pets, with many reviews stating that their pets’ coats look healthier and shinier.

Overall, Orijen Amazing Grains is a high-quality, nutrient-rich product that customers are pleased with and that meets the dietary needs of cats and dogs alike. With high-quality animal ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables, and grain-free formula, this product provides a complete and balanced diet for your pet. Thus, we recommend Orijen Amazing Grains for anyone seeking to provide their pets with good nutrition.

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