Having a laid-back dog that is less aggressive, happy, and easy to get along with can be a great thing for many people. In fact, most people tend to pick a dog breed based on how easy it is to get along with and whether the dog is likely to make a great companion or not.

But while temperament will most definitely vary from one dog breed to the other, some dog breeds are more laid-back than others. These breeds are thus the best canine companions especially for people leading a laid-back lifestyle.

Here are the top 7 of the most laid-back dog breeds that can make a wonderful companion just in case you are looking for a dog that is extremely easy to get along with…..


1. Bulldog

The bulldog is by far the most popular laid-back dog breed, thanks to its lovable personality, gentle disposition, and signature wrinkles. The strong powerful dog has an instinct to please and thus is ideal for families.

Bulldogs are gentle but protective, and they can easily form strong bonds with all family members hence making them excellent family pets. This easy-going non-hypoallergenic dog can make a wonderful indoor companion since he can relax by your side for hours. Bulldogs are also prized for their affectionate and personable nature, and they further require minimal exercise and grooming.

2. Pug

Pugs aren’t just easy-going, but they also adapt easily to virtually any situation as well. From living happily in a home that has a huge yard to living in a small apartment with limited space; pugs can happily live almost anywhere.

They are playful, quite social, and always willing to please. Due to their playful and social nature, they make great companions for all family members. Better still, they are quite easy to maintain since they require minimal exercise. Unlike most dog breeds, pugs actually need little grooming thanks to their short coats.

3. Pekingese

The compact dog has a pear-real body, lighter hindquarters, and heavy forequarters. Its lion-like image implies courage. Despite its small size, Pekingese is a truly courageous family dog.

The easy-going dog is intelligent, affectionate, and will always remain devoted to its owners at all times. Though it enjoys long walks, it doesn’t necessarily require much outdoor space. Its long coat makes it look awesomely cute, though it requires regular grooming to keep it clean.

4. Tibetan Spaniel

Talk of an easy-going dog with a happy attitude and you will be talking about the Tibetan Spaniel. The remarkably cool pet dog is considered one of the top 10 medium-sized hypoallergenic dogs and is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a happy companion that can doze off beside them.

The fact that it doesn’t need much indoor space makes it an excellent choice for apartment life. Though it has a happy attitude while around the owner, it is however reserved with strangers but at the same time well-behaved and sensitive.

5. Basset Hound

Though he isn’t the type of dog that will be eager to accompany you for long leisurely walks, this good-natured dog is the best canine companion to cuddle on the couch with. Its cheerfully wagging tail makes it appear delightful and sociable.

It can also make a wonderful playmate for your kids, thanks to the fact that its playful nature makes it quite easy to indulge in various types of games. A laid-back dog requires minimal exercise and grooming, therefore, making it easy to maintain.

6. Azawakh

This dog is remarkably affectionate, loyal and it also adapts extremely well to different living conditions. Despite being easy to get along with, it can be wildly protective of its owner as well as its territory.

The breed makes a great companion and family dog, not to mention that it is a wonderful guardian dog owing to its brave nature. The dog can adapt to virtually any living environment provided it gets sufficient food and exercise.

Because of its natural short coat, it doesn’t require much grooming and thus it is a great choice for people with little or no time to groom their dogs.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

The small, delicate dog can make a great pet for any home due to its easy-going nature. Though it can be happy and hostile to people it doesn’t know, it, however, remains loyal to the owner, therefore, making it a great guardian dog. This cute lap dog is ever content with its owner provided it gets their total attention. However, it needs special grooming due to its long silky coat.

Owning a laid-back dog can be an exciting experience for anyone leading a laid-back lifestyle. With so many laid-back dog breeds out there to choose from, then it is certain that you will have no problem at all while picking the best breed that suits your personal needs.

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