James Wellbeloved Puppy Food Review


Puppy⁤ food⁤ is⁣ designed to provide a balanced diet that will help puppies become healthy adults. James Wellbeloved puppy food is specifically designed to be‌ natural,​ healthy, and nutritious.


James Wellbeloved ⁣puppy food is made ​with natural​ ingredients, including:

  • Freshly prepared turkey, salmon ⁤and duck
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Seaweed
  • Tomato
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Lentils
  • Yogurt
  • Tapioca
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Nutritional Benefits

The ingredients⁢ in James Wellbeloved puppy food provide⁣ a balanced diet with all the important vitamins and minerals that growing puppies need. This includes essential fatty acids, which are important for brain⁤ development.

The‍ food is also free from any wheat, beef, pork, soya and‍ dairy,⁣ so it is suitable for puppies with food sensitivities.


James Wellbeloved puppy food costs around $2 ⁢per 400g pouch, making it relatively affordable compared to other⁣ puppy food brands.


Overall, James Wellbeloved is a great choice ‌for puppies and​ provides a balanced diet full of natural, healthy ingredients and all the vitamins and minerals ‌puppies need. The ‍cost is also relatively low considering the ⁣quality of the food.

⁣Is​ it easy to find James Wellbeloved Puppy‍ Food in ⁢pet stores and ⁢online stores

Yes, it is easy to find​ James Wellbeloved Puppy Food in pet stores and online stores. The food is widely available ​and can be ordered directly from the brand’s ‍website, purchased from pet stores in-person, or ordered from popular online pet ‌stores and retailers.

⁣How much should ⁣a puppy be fed​ each day⁣ when using James Wellbeloved Puppy Food?

A puppy should be fed 3-4%‌ of its adult body weight, split into ⁤two or three meals per day. Therefore it ⁢is important ⁤to check the feeding guidelines on a selected ​puppy food, as these vary ​depending on the product. For example, according to⁤ James Wellbeloved, puppies should be fed ⁤3-4% of their bodyweight, split into two meals per day. They also advise that ⁣puppies should always have access to clean, fresh water.

‌What ingredients are used in James ​Wellbeloved Puppy Food?

James Wellbeloved Puppy Dry dog food is made using the highest quality, ‌natural ingredients. It contains: ​dried turkey 22%, potato, maize, peas, alfalfa, turkey fat 4%, beet pulp 3%, omega 3 supplement (0.2% EPA & DHA from fish oil & 0.1% plant based source) and yeast. It also ‍contains prebiotic FOS, mineral supplement, chicory extract,‍ glucosamine and ‌chondroitin.

What nutritional benefits can be found in‌ James ⁢Wellbeloved Puppy Food?

James Wellbeloved Puppy Food ⁢provides puppies with a range of nutritional benefits, including:

1. Contains balanced Omega 3 and⁤ 6 fatty acids to promote ‌healthy skin and coat.

2. Contains prebiotics⁢ to promote good digestive health.

3. Natural sources of antioxidants to support the ‍immune system.

4. Contains a range ⁤of vitamins and minerals to promote good ⁣health and development.

5. Natural ​sources of proteins and carbohydrates to provide energy.

6. Includes natural flavors ⁤and oils for great taste.

What age range is James Wellbeloved Puppy Food suitable‌ for?

James Wellbeloved Puppy Food​ is suitable for puppies aged between 8 and 12 weeks.
James Wellbeloved is a widely-recognised specialist dog food brand, whose Puppy food formula is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of puppies and young dogs.

This Puppy food is made from only natural ingredients, and contains a range of high-quality animal proteins such as turkey, salmon and duck. The combination of these proteins helps to support healthy muscle growth and development. The formula also includes prebiotics, which promote beneficial bacteria in the gut, aiding digestion and helping to keep your puppy’s tummy healthy.

The food is balanced with all the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy development, and is free from added gluten, soya and dairy, making it suitable for puppies with sensitive tummies. It is also free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, ensuring your puppy gets only the highest quality nutrition.

In terms of texture, this Puppy food is a mix of kibble, small pieces of meat, and some jelly-type chunks. It has a pleasant aroma and is easy to chew, making it a great food for teething and young puppies.

Overall, James Wellbeloved is a high-quality puppy food which provides all the nutrition that a young dog needs. The added prebiotics make it especially beneficial for puppies with sensitive tummies, and it is free from artificial ingredients which can cause allergies. The taste and texture of the food is also perfectly suited to young pups, and we are confident that you and your puppy will both appreciate the product.

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