Medium-sized hypoallergenic dogs are becoming more popular these days among pet lovers due to their non-shedding nature. Spreading allergies and dog shedding is among the most common problems with pet dogs.

To avoid such a situation many dog lovers pay even thousands of dollars to get a dog from hypoallergenic breeds. Though no dog can be termed as fully hypoallergenic as most of them shed some kind of allergens still there are some that can be a better choice for people suffering from allergies. This list of medium-sized hypoallergenic dogs will help you to choose one for your home.

1. Maltese Terrier

These dogs are known for their elegant silky white coat but they are liked by most dog lovers for not shedding on their clothes and furniture. These dogs, little in size, are loving, energetic, and playful by nature.

The exact origin of this breed is not known. They are said to be known as dogs of Roman Ladies who used to have them in ancient medieval times for catching rodents.

2. Tibetan Terrier

Hypoallergenic Dogs Medium Size

These dogs prove misconception, hypoallergenic dogs have no hair, wrong. These bushy dogs are on this list because they shed the least amount of hair if groomed properly. Once they were used by nomadic herdsmen and Buddhist monks as companions as guard dogs.

3. Brussels Griffon

Hypoallergenic Dogs Medium Size

The dogs of this breed are known for their friendly nature and watchdog abilities. The reason for their entry on this list is that they rarely shed any hair. They are considered the best pets for families with kids as they have a better bond with humans than other breeds in this category.

They are also used in many TV shows and movies because they are very expressive by nature.

4. Shih Tzu

These hypoallergenic dogs are known for their friendly nature and loyalty along with their non-shedding nature. They do not shed any hair unless they are brushed as broken hair can fall while brushing them.

This dog breed got its name due to its resemblance with lions as shown in the ancient oriental art of China. They were known in Chinese as Shih Tzu which means lion dogs.

5. Soft-coated wheaten terrier

Hypoallergenic Dogs Medium Size

This is the energetic and happy breed of hypoallergenic dogs. They are also known for their agility skills, intelligence, tracking skills, animal therapy skills, and obedience.

First of all, they were bred as farm dogs in Ireland for guarding livestock, hunting vermin, and herding. For this reason, they were also known as the wolfhound of a poor man.

6. Portuguese Water Dog

This is another breed of energetic and loyal hypoallergenic dogs because they shed a very small amount of hair from their coat. But you will have to groom them regularly to maintain their coat.

This is the rare breed of hypoallergenic dogs. Recently US President Obama had gifted one to his daughter at his inauguration.

7. West Highland white terrier

Hypoallergenic Dogs Medium Size

Due to its friendly nature, this active small dog with a double coat is also nicknamed Westie. They are also great watchdogs due to their hardy nature and loyalty to their owners.

They are considered a hypoallergenic breed but they shed a very little amount of hair. Originally they were bred from Scottish and Cairn Terriers to be used for hunting. This breed was created to avoid misunderstandings caused by foxes during hunting.

8. Poodle

Medium Hypoallergenic Dogs

The dogs of this breed are popular all over the world due to their availability in various sizes including toys, miniature, and standard.

Along with their hypoallergenic nature, they are also considered the most responsive and intelligent dogs. They are also loved very much by pet lovers due to their virtually odorless nature.

9. Kerry blue terrier

These dogs, also known as Irish Blue Terrier, were bred as all-purpose dogs as they can do all types of tasks like guarding, hunting pests, and herding.

The texture of their hair is as fine as human hair. Initially, these dogs are born with black hair coats but turn to blue when they become 2 years old.

10. Bichon Frise

The hypoallergenic dogs of this breed are independent, laid back, easy to train, and social by nature. While giving maintenance cuts to their coat, their hair is clipped to make it easy. In French, the meaning of Bichon Frise is a curly lap dog. They love water as they were considered companions to the sailors.


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