How‌ To Stop A ‌Dog From Counter Surfing And Stealing Food From The Kitchen

What Is Counter Surfing?

Counter surfing is when your dog jumps on to the counters in ‌order to access food. This can be an dangerous and irritating habit that can⁤ quickly become a bigger problem.‍ Many owners will try to discipline their dog to⁣ make them stop, however ⁤this method usually ​doesn’t last long ‌and‍ your dog will⁢ be back at it ​in no time.

Why Is​ Counter Surfing⁤ A Problem?

  • The behavior can be dangerous,‍ as your dog can‍ knock things off‌ the counter or⁤ break items.
  • It can be a very expensive habit, as your pup⁣ can easily ⁤destroy or‌ eat food that isn’t meant for them.
  • This can easily become a habit, with your pup using the counter for​ a quick snack even ⁤when​ you aren’t ‍around.

Preventative Measures

One of the best ways ⁤to prevent counter surfing is to practice ‌prevention. By making it as difficult as possible for ‍your​ pup to access the counters, you can help cut back on the habit:

  • Move tempting objects out of reach – this includes anything that is easy⁣ for your pup to reach, such​ as food containers or plates full of food.
  • Use barriers – using barriers such as child safety gates or folding gates to block ‍off⁣ access‍ to the kitchen. This can also help ⁣with other bad behaviors such as trash raiding.
  • Keep the counters clean⁢ – if there⁤ is nothing on the counters, ⁢there is nothing for your ​pup to get into.
  • Provide⁢ your pup with plenty of toys and activities – if your ‌pup is ​tired and ​occupied, they⁤ are less likely to find​ the counter ⁢tempting.


In​ addition to prevention, you can also work on training your pup to stay​ away from the counters. This can‌ include:

  • Teaching your pup the “leave it” command ⁣- this command can ⁤be ⁣used to distract⁣ your pup and make⁤ them focus⁣ on you‍ instead of the counter.
  • Using positive reinforcement – rewarding your pup anytime they stay ⁢away from the ⁣counter can help reinforce the ⁤behavior.
  • Provide plenty of exercise – make⁤ sure⁢ your pup is getting​ enough exercise, as this can help​ them burn off excess energy and make them less ​likely⁢ to get into mischief.


Counter surfing is⁢ a problematic habit that can be difficult to break. However, by taking‍ the time to practice prevention and ​provide your pup with proper⁣ training, you can help make sure your⁤ pup stays ⁤away from the counters for good!

What ⁢should I do if I catch my ‍dog counter ​surfing or stealing food from‌ the kitchen

​ If you catch your dog counter surfing or‍ stealing food ‍from the kitchen,‌ the best thing to do is remove the temptations. Make sure to ⁢secure all food in an area where your dog cannot access it. Additionally, it’s important to spend time training your dog to obey commands like “leave it”⁢ and “sit” so that ​you can redirect ⁢their attention away from​ the food until you are able to remove the temptation. Additionally, make sure to give your dog plenty of⁣ exercise, as ⁢this⁣ can help‍ to reduce counter surfing and stealing behaviors.

Should I‍ use positive or negative ​reinforcement when⁤ attempting to stop a dog from counter surfing?

Both positive and negative​ reinforcement can be used⁢ to discourage a ‍dog⁢ from counter surfing. Positive reinforcement could include giving ⁢the‍ dog a treat ⁣or petting him when ‌he stays away from the counter, and negative reinforcement could involve saying a firm “no” or⁣ giving the dog a time out. Both strategies should be used in combination for the best results.

What is⁤ the most effective way to stop a dog from stealing food from the kitchen?

The best way to stop a dog from ⁤stealing food from the kitchen is to make sure that the kitchen is off-limits. Dogs should ⁣not have access to the kitchen unless they are supervised, and any food should be stored securely away​ from their reach. Additionally, providing your pet with a⁤ proper diet, plenty of exercise, and engagement can help to reduce the ‌urge for them to steal food.

What signs should I look for that may⁢ indicate a dog is seeking food‍ on the kitchen counter?

​ Common signs that a dog may be seeking food⁣ on ⁣the kitchen counter​ can include the dog⁤ being ‍overly curious around the counter, panting or drooling, pacing around the counter, jumping ‌up‍ to try and reach⁤ the counter, pawing at items on the counter, and any abnormal vocalizations such as whining or barking.

How can I ensure that all of‌ my kitchen surfaces are kept dog-free?

⁢ One ‍of the best ways‍ to keep kitchen surfaces free from dog-related ⁣mess is to always⁤ keep the​ kitchen door‍ closed ​when⁢ there is a dog in the house. Additionally, it is important to⁤ clean surfaces frequently after contact with pets and⁣ to provide​ chew toys so that they do‌ not chew on kitchen items. Finally, ⁤having a designated area for your dog, such as a⁣ pet bed or crate, can help ensure that your kitchen is kept dog-free.

Whether your pup is on the small side or a large breed, it is a common problem for dogs to counter surf or steal food from the kitchen. Training your dog to stay away from the kitchen is essential for preventing your house from becoming a scavenger’s paradise. Here is a guide on how to stop a dog from counter surfing and stealing food from the kitchen.

The first step is to ensure that there is no food on any visible countertops. When you are finished cooking, cleaning, or preparing food, make sure to do the following: store all food in cupboards, put leftovers in the refrigerator, wash any dishes, and clean the countertops. This will make it harder for the pup to find food in the kitchen and prevent counter surfing.

The second step is to prevent your pup from entering the kitchen. You can do this by blocking off the kitchen with a baby gate, using a remote trainer, or teaching the pup a “come command.” Blocking the kitchen with a baby gate will stop an overly enthusiastic pup from entering the kitchen. Using a remote trainer will scare the pup away whenever he tries to enter the kitchen. Teaching the pup a “come command” will require positive reinforcement training; but once the pup knows the command, you can call him away from the kitchen whenever he is getting too close.

The third step is creating a command for the pup to stay out of the kitchen. Train the dog to obey a “stay away” command every time he gets too close to the kitchen. Once the pup knows this command, make sure to use it every time he tries to enter the kitchen.

Finally, you need to reward the pup when he obeys the commands and stays away from the kitchen. Whenever he obeys the commands, reward him with a treat. This will create a positive association with the command and reinforce the idea that it is not acceptable to enter the kitchen.

By following these steps, you can help keep your kitchen free of food-thieving pups. All it takes is a little bit of positive reinforcement training and creating boundaries around the kitchen. However, keep in mind that every pup is different and what works for one might not work for another. With a little bit of patience and guidance, you can teach your pup to stay away from the kitchen.

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