Heart to Tail Dog Food is a range offered by the discount supermarket Aldi and has been formulated to provide nutritious and irresistible foods for the dogs in your life. Diet is one of the single most important factors influencing anyone’s well-being, and dogs are no exception. 


What kind of dog food does Aldi sell?

For the time being, Aldi offers two types of dog food:

    1. Heart to Tail: Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food
    2. Pure Being: Premium Dog Food

We’ve provided an in-depth and detailed review of Aldi’s Heart to Tail dog food so that you can make an informed decision about whether this is the perfect feed for your dog’s preferences and needs, or whether an alternative would be a better option.


Heart to Tail Vs Pure Being Premium Dog Food

A nutritional analysis for the Heart to Tail feed is 21% crude protein, 10% crude fat, and 4.5% crude fiber in the dry food.

Pure Being’s grain-free alternative is relatively more promising with a composition of 25% crude protein, 15% crude fat, and 3% crude fiber. 


Is Heart to Tail good dog food?

Nutritionally, Heart to Tail does fulfill many of your dog’s dietary needs when it comes to the proteins, fibers, minerals, and vitamins needed to promote or encourage their health. They provide the following options:

    • Heart to Tail Dog – Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food
    • Heart to Tail Dog – Beef Flavoured Sticks
    • Heart to Tail Dog – Treats Bacon Flavoured Curlz


Are Heart to Tail Dog Treats Safe?

Heart to Tail Dog Treats

The short answer is yes. Heart to Tail Dog Treats contain all the important nutritional requirements that you need to consider. One of the main pros of Heart to Tail Dog Treats is their protein content.

Protein is a crucial component of your pup’s diet for a number of reasons. First and foremost, protein is essential in building amino acids, and these in turn have an important role in the development and maintenance of your dog’s hair, skin, nails, muscles, teeth, and bone. 


Cons – Heart to Tail 

In terms of cons, Heart to Tail does derive much of its protein from meals and by-products, which means that there is very little ‘real’ meat such as beef, chicken, duck, or mutton.

A quick glance at the ingredient list also reveals that grains, especially in the form of corn, is one of the main ingredients. Whilst grains do provide essential carbohydrates, nutrients, and fiber, it shouldn’t comprise the main ingredient of any dog food, because then it just becomes a ‘filler’.

Overall the Heart to Tail range doesn’t really contain as many whole foods, which are basically the types of ingredients that are usually seen on ingredient lists for human foods, which are found in more premium or pedigree dog foods. 


Is Pure Being Dog Food healthy?


When it comes to grain-free food, however, a worthwhile observation is that grain-free diets are somewhat controversial in the dog community. Whether or not to choose a grain-free diet will ultimately depend on the individual dog.

It is important to keep in mind that some dogs have grain allergies or specific conditions that necessitate a grain-free diet. 


Is Aldi Dog Food Good Good-Quality?

Aldi is one of the most reputable and well-known supermarkets within the United Kingdom, and one of it’s defining features is the way it sells high-quality products at discounted prices. Compared to other alternatives available on the market, Heart to Tail is considerably cheaper – especially its grain-free option. 

However, some compromises do have to be made in order to be able to sell an item at such a low price-point, and this does mean that Heart to Tail doesn’t contain the level of whole foods or quality ingredients that more expensive brands have.

For example, the percentage of actual meat is actually quite low and is replaced instead with cheaper options for animal-based protein such as meat-meal and poultry by-product meal. 

For someone who might not have any other alternative, perhaps because of availability or a limited budget, then Heart to Tail is by no means a low-quality or unhealthy option.


Is Aldi Grain-Tree Dog Food any Good?

Aldi’s grain-free dog food options, do contain some whole foods which are desirable in dog food. So, there is every possibility that your dog will enjoy this feed. However, in terms of nutritional completeness and the quality of the ingredients, there are more nutritionally complete and higher-quality alternatives out there – albeit at a slightly higher price-point.

However, there’s is always the option to supplement it with some human-grade meat, fish, and poultry you may have at home. 


What is the Healthiest Food I can Feed my Dog?

Ultimately, the healthiest food that you can feed your dog will depend on a number of factors, such as their age, breed, size, specific medical conditions, allergies, or even personal preferences.

Ensuring that you’re providing your dog with the healthiest food you can offer is as easy as reading the ingredient labels and nutritional composition of any dog foods you purchase for them.

A quality dog food doesn’t have to be expensive or brought at a premium, but it is crucial to make sure that it contains adequate amounts of:

    • Protein
    • Fats
    • Nutrients
    • Fiber
    • Vitamins
    • Minerals

Giving a dog all of the joys and comforts they could imagine isn’t particularly hard – they find joy in the simple things after all. One of the many ways you can express your love is by making sure that they have access only to the highest quality, delicious, and nutritious food.


How to Choose the Right Dog Food

This doesn’t have to be necessarily difficult or complicated, and more often than not it just about finding a feed that gives your dog everything they need within a single serving.

Without a doubt, you want to have the peace of mind that they’re not being given anything that is unhealthy for them or hiding any unpleasant ingredients.


What is the Best Dog Food Recommended by Vets?

Overall protein is invaluable to a healthy and balanced canine diet, and for the majority of dogs, it is recommended that protein makes up 20%-25% of their diet – which the Heart to Tail dog feeds certainly provide.

When purchasing dog food, it’s essential to carefully examine the ingredients and composition of the feed in order to ensure that it is a product that is perfect for the dietary and nutritional requirements of your dog.


Final thoughts

Everyone wants the best for their dog and giving them a balanced, nutritionally-complete, and healthy diet is the best way to keep your dog bouncing, leaping, and playing for years to come.

Diet has a crucial role to play in promoting and encouraging health, energy, and happiness. Just remember, a quality dog food has to strike a balance between being irresistibly delicious and nutritionally complete.



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