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Is it down syndrome?

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Hi Guys!

This is Shavin and it's my first post at this forum. Though I have seen many dogs in my life that were underweight after delivery or even till 9 months but later they recovered. However, one pup of my dog is not has a prolonged growth but also unable to participate in games actively. Sometimes, she doesn't understand where to go even passing from the TV lounge to kitchen. When I talked with one of my friend she referred me this article https://ourfitpets.com/behavior/can-dogs-have-down-syndrome/ and told me that she is possibly suffering because of down syndrome.

When I spoke with online dog communities, many of them rejected this down syndrome possibility. When I searched over internet, then I found this article https://www.allthingsdogs.com/dog-down-syndrome/ that says that only 1 out of 700 dog babies could be a victim of down syndrome and chances are very rare.

According to their represented symptoms, my pup has the vision and few digestive problems. Do you think should I go with genes test? Or I am overthinking on this issue?

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Hi Shavin,

Welcome to the pack. I don’t have any direct experience with this topic but I have put the question to Dr Jo to see if she can answer as part of her next “Ask Dr Jo” article. 

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