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Dawn Brand-Cotti

New to fostering a fur baby

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Hi all

My first foster fur baby, Buddy.  He’s a Labradoodle and is 5 years old.  He has an enormous amount of love and is such a character.  I have had him for 2 weeks and I’m so in love with him 😁




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Hi Dawn, 

a warm welcome to you and Buddy to the site!

Are you fostering through a charity?

I would love to know more about how you got involved in fostering fur babies...

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Thank you.  I’m not fostering through a charity.  My sister in law works with a lot of dog charities and someone she knows was looking for a temporary home for Buddy.  Unfortunately his dad became homeless.  He now has somewhere else that will take dogs but he has to have an op on his leg which means he will be in plaster for a while so Buddy was put in boarding kennels until he was ready to take him back.  Buddy was there for 5 weeks 😢 and wasn’t doing very well.  Having had Buddy for 3 weeks I can totally understand why, he’s such a homely boy.  Believe me, it’ll be hard to let him go back lol.

if you are interesting in fostering I can put you in touch with my sister in law?  She tried it but it didn’t quite work out the way it’s supposed to work as she ended up keeping her foster greyhound 😂😂 She now has 5 dogs! 

Picture of Buddy this afternoon having a cuddle 💕


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I will eventually be looking to get involved in working with some charities but it’s not the right time for us to do that right now... sometime in the future I will look into it.

I am inspired by what you are doing!

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