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Paws on Plastic

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Maybe I've come late to this initiative and most of our members are probably already doing their bit, but I wanted to share this fantastic venture with our dog lovers community. If like me you are concerned about plastic waste in our enviroment and are trying to do your bit, this can be another small thing that you can do as part of your daily routine that can make a difference. 

When you are out walking your dog pick up two pieces of plastic and take them to your recycle bin or rubbish bin. It's a small action but a little everyday can make a huge difference to your local community.

We recently took Kara to the local beach, she loves to run along the sand and especially to run into the breakers in the sea. As we walked along the sand we noticed pieces of litter and filled an empty poo bag full of rubbish. Pieces of plastic, empty drinks cans and bottles and even a discarded electric toothbrush! It's amazing what is left or washes up on the beach.

We brought the bag full of litter home and dropped the pieces that could be recycled into our home recycle bin and the rest in the waste bin. Don't worry the poo bag was used next time we went for a walk.

The initiative was started by Marion Montgomery from Stonehaven, Scotland. https://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/fetch-dog-walkers-take-the-lead-on-plastic-waste-1-4854075

“A lot of dogs pick up plastic bottles,” she said. “But once your dog has picked it up you can’t really throw it away, so most people will take it with them and put it in a bin. It’s like dogs have been telling us to do this for years. I’ve just given it a name and encouraged folk to do a bit more.”

She started a facebook page to share her idea on local social media. You can follow the facebook page, twitter or instagram. We posted our contribution on the Paws on plastic Facebook page and had an instant response from the online community. https://www.facebook.com/pawsonplastic/

This is now something I do on every dog walk. Why not try it yourself, create a good habit on your daily dog walk and make a small difference. Then share your contribution on social media and get others involved!




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