Dogs often rub their noses with your hands and seek affection. But sometimes you feel like your dog’s nose is dry and cracked. This means that something is not right with your dog.

Most of the time, a dry dog ​​is completely normal, but sometimes it is of great concern. In this article, we will discuss why the dog’s nose gets dry and cracked. What are the causes, signs, and treatment of dry and cracked nose?


What Does it Mean When a Dog Nose is Dry

Dogs use their noses to breathe, and it also helps them drain excess tears from their eyes with the help of the tear duct. Furthermore, dogs also have sweat glands that help them cool down the body through sweat.

A dog also uses its nose to gather information from the environment. Dogs obtain the information by sniffing, but not all the information is gathered through the nose. Information is also transferred through other scenes such as when a dog licks its nose and transfers all scent detection to the roof of the mouth where the olfactory glands are located.

The next time you see your dog sniffing something, notice that he will lick his nose and transfer all the information about other animals such as cats, dogs, squirrels, and other creatures to the olfactory glands. 


Why is my dog’s nose wet?

There are basically two reasons why a dog’s nose is naturally wet.

  • The wet coating on the dog’s nose helps the dogs to smell. The superior sense of smell in dogs is basically due to the moist coating that can absorb and retain the scent.
  • Dogs have wet noses because it helps them cool down. This is because dogs do not have sweat glands, so they use their nose and pads to sweat.


Why dogs have a dry and cracked nose?

There are many reasons why your dog has a dry and cracked nose, some of them are

1. Sunburn 

Sometimes dogs get dry and crack noses due to excessive sunburn. Dogs that have pink skin on their noses often get sunburned, and their skin can peel and crack.

2. Sleep-Related

You must have seen your dog’s dry nose while sleeping; this is because your dog does not lick his nose while sleeping. The dry nose will get wet again after 10 minutes of waking from sleep.

3. Seasonality

Dogs often got dry and cracked noses during the winter. It is the same as when your throat is sore and dry during the winter month or how chapped or dried your lips become when you are in an indoor heated room. This occurs due to the warm flow of air from the vents. This hot air has a similar effect on the dog’s nose.

 If your dog keeps sleeping next to the vent to keep himself warm. That warm air can dry out your dog’s nose in no time, and things become normal when your dog is away from the heat source.

4. Age

As a dog’s age, they are more likely to dry out their noses. This problem increases with the age of the dog. This is why a nasal balm is used to keep the dog’s nose moist.

5. Nasal dryness.

Brachycephalic breeds of dogs are more prone to nasal dryness. Dogs like Bulldogs, Pugs often suffer from this problem because they have difficulty licking their nose. Breeds like Lhasa Apsos suffer from a blocked ear canal as a result of that their nose dry out.

6. Allergies

Some dogs suffer from a dry, chapped nose due to an allergic reaction to mold, pollen, etc. These allergens can cause swelling and redness of the nose, as well as scratching the nose and face.

7. Dehydration

The dry and chapped nose can also occur due to dehydration. This can happen when your dog exercises vigorously during hot weather. So make sure your dog has access to plenty of cold water.

8. Autoimmune disease

Dogs’ noses can become dry and cracked due to autoimmune diseases. Although this is not very common in dogs, the dog’s nose can become dry, cracked, and crusted due to pemphigus or discoid lupus erythematosus, they are autoimmune diseases.


Other Reasons for a Dry and Chapped Nose

Sometimes dogs’ noses are dry and chapped just because they don’t lick their noses often. Another reason is that the skin on the dog’s nose contains a protein known as keratin. This keratin protein sometimes grows too fast, resulting in a dry, chapped nose.

If the dog’s nose remains dry and cracked for a long period of time, your dog will feel pain and lose his sense of smell.


Dog Dry Nose Treatment

If your dog’s nose becomes dry and cracked and stays the same for a long period of time, then it needs attention. Here are some of the possible treatments that you can give your dog.

  • First of all, clean your dog’s nose, this way you can eliminate any external causes if it is present on his nose. Take a damp cloth and wipe your dog’s nose.
  • You can use a nasal lotion or balm to moisten your dog’s nose. Use dog-specific balms that are designed to nourish and hydrate the skin on the dog’s nose. Because dogs are nose licker, they will lick anything you put on their noses. Some human lotions contain ingredients that are not safe for dogs, so specific lotions for dogs are used.
  • If the dog’s nose is dry and chapped from sunburn, use a dog-specific sunblock for your pup.
  • If the dry, cracked nose is due to an allergy, try to keep your dog away from that allergen and see if the condition can improve.
  • Always give your dog plenty of water in hot weather to keep him hydrated and safe from a dry, chapped nose.

If you think none of these treatments is working for your puppy, make an appointment with your vet.


The dog’s nose has an importance in the interaction with the environment. If your dog’s nose becomes dry and cracked, see your vet and seek a soothing treatment.