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  3. Lynsey bates


    Just sitting....
  4. L88afy

    Alfie & Roscoe

  5. Dawn57


  6. Helen


    It’s sad to hear stories about dogs kept in this way. I’m glad to hear there is a happy ending for Meg. 🙂 Welcome to the site Jules and Meg. Enjoy exploring the forums. Helen
  7. Lesley aspinall


    Super model
  8. Yesterday
  9. Jules


    I got my dog when she was 3 months old she had been locked in a shed with other dogs all her life, saw and heard nothing ( not socialised ), living in dirty conditions, she was filthy, underweight, eating her own poo to survive etc. And now she has a terrible fear of people and noise. 😪
  10. Sue king


    Our Cockapoo puppy
  11. Sheena


    Voted for Gorgeous misha xx
  12. Maria


    Up to no good!
  13. Laura Arnold


  14. Jules


  15. Voni


  16. Barry Lanza

    Lambie & Pavi

  17. Last week
  18. Hi Lynne, Thanks for introducing yourself, we love to find out more about our members and their pups 🙂 Welcome to Murphy and Milo too! They look like a pair that will keep you on your toes! I hope you have time to explore the site and join in some of our discussions or even start your own. Helen
  19. hi I'm a newbie , I have 2 lurchers Murphy and milo who are uncle and nephew though they don't look like they are related Murphy is 5 and milo 1 they where both born on 16th July , I'm looking forward to seeing all the happy dogs and owners and reading their stories
  20. Michelle harries


    Regan my handsome boy just after he had an operation
  21. Johanne fisher


    What mess?
  22. Anita


    This is my ball and I’m not sharing
  23. Sharon88


    My one year old bull greyhound seeing snow for first time watching it fall from the sky
  24. Laraine


    Ooooohhhh this is the life 🐾🐾
  25. Jenna


    1st ride to home
  26. Rachel Ingleheart


    When are we going out.?
  27. Raychel


    Hi Ked, thanks so much !! She eats pedigree puppy dog food. She is an adult dog but the puppy food helps retain weight and she’s quite a lean dog, she also has wet food added in, occasional raw eggs and that’s about all she eats 🙂
  28. Geraldine

    Mrs Wiggles

    First groom
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