Pitbulls are loyal, loving, and a great addition to their family. However, owning a Pitbull is not for everyone. You must be willing to put in the effort to train and socialize them.

There are many myths about Pitbulls. One such myth is that they are stubborn and aggressive, However, all these negative stereotypes are not true and are based on misinformation.

Aggression comes from a dog’s environment. If you spend time training your Pitbull; you will be rewarded with a friendly and intelligent dog. 

There are many different types of Pitbulls with the most well know being the Blue Fawn Pitbull. This breed is loved for its temperament and physical attributes, however, despite all these great characteristics, there are some problems associated with this breed.

Below, we discuss the pros and cons associated with owning a Blue Fawn Pitbulls and whether they are the right breed for you.


Pros of Owning a Blue Fawn Pit Bull

Blue-Fawn-Pitbull puppies

1. They are a good looking dog

One of the main reasons why people like Blue Fawn Pitbulls is because they are such a cute and appealing dog. Their silvery-blue fur, along with their blue nose, gives them a unique appearance. 

The beautiful blue skin of this breed is rare and is due to the presence of a recessive dilution gene. This color only fades if they inherit two sets of dilution genes. In the Blue Fawn Pitbull case, it will occur when a puppy inherits genes from black-furred parents that have two dilution sets.

Blue Fawn Pit Bulls generally have a muscular body with a broad, flat skull and a deep muzzle. Similarly, their tails are small, wide, and pointed. Typically, a male Blue Fawn Pitbull weighs around 50 to 75 pounds and is 16 to 30 inches in length at shoulder height.

In the case of females, the dogs are shorter and less healthy, and their average weight is around 50-60 pounds with a length of 16-17 inches.


2. They can be very social

Blue Fawn Pit Bulls are very powerful dogs and can be hostile towards strange animals. However, they can be very nice to people and love to visit new places and meet new people.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to take your puppy for a walk from a young age. Similarly, helping your pup socialize with other dogs is also important, as it is an important feature of their training.

If your Blue Fawn Pit Bull is responsibly trained and well socialized, then he can make a wonderful dog for your family. Even if you have a pit bull with a history of abuse, you can still train him to be a loving companion.


3. Loyal Companionship

There is no question of the loyalty of Blue Fawn Pitbulls. If you have a Blue Fawn Pitbull, there is no need to worry; you have one of the loyal canine companions. Also, if they are well trained, they will always be affectionate and kind to your family members.

Although most Pitbulls have a bad reputation, they will become an excellent family dog if you socialize them from an early age. Like other dogs, Blue Fawn Pit Bulls can also be trained as therapy and service dogs.


4. Excellent watchdogs

Due to its muscular appearance and great intelligence, the Blue Fawn Pit Bull makes a great watchdog. Having such a brave and muscular dog in your home means that an intruder will think twice before breaking in.


5. Easy to Groom

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are low maintenance dogs. This is due to their smooth and short coat, making them easy to groom. Their single, short coats don’t require excessive care, and brushing once a week is enough to keep their body clean.

Furthermore, their coat doesn’t shed as much hair, making them a great indoor pet. All you have to do in the case of a Blue Fawn Pit Bull is clean their earwax, trim their nails, and look for any problems in their eyes. 


6. Highly intelligent 

They are highly intelligent dogs. Pit bulls were bred in such a way that they got the strength of bulldogs and courage of terriers. When it comes to obedience training they are quick learners. 


7. Easy to train

As mentioned  Blue Fawn Pit Bulls are very intelligent dogs, but another thing that makes them special is their willingness to please their owner. So while training your Blue Fawn Pit Bull, praise is the key. Positive training methods work best for them. If your dog answers well to your command, consider rewarding him with a treat.


8. Long lifespan 

Like other Pitbulls, this breed has a long lifespan averaging 14 to 16 years. If you want your Blue Fawn Pit Bull to live for a long time, you must take care of them, and in return, you will have a companion for life.


Cons of Owning a Blue Fawn Pit Bull

Blue Fawn Pitbull training

1. Can be aggressive towards other animals

Blue Fawn Pit Bulls require proper socialization and attention from the beginning of their life. Generally, a well-trained dog gets along well with other dogs, but each dog has its own nature.

They may not start the fight first, but they won’t back down if challenged by another dog until one of them is seriously injured. If you don’t address this problem early on, they will develop ongoing aggression towards dogs.

Similarly, they have a natural prey drive. If they are not well trained to live with other animals, they can attack your other pets such as cats, birds, and rabbits. So if your dog is not well trained, don’t leave him alone with other animals.


2. Need to be careful with kids

If this is your first time having a Blue Fawn Pit Bull, be aware of the fact that you can’t leave them alone with your children. They are generally very muscular and powerful dogs, so even an accidental push or head butt can injure your child.

Besides that, don’t let your kids walk these creatures because of their immense strength. If they start chasing a cat, your child won’t hold it for long and may injure himself.


3. Tend to overheat easily

Due to the short-haired coat of Blue Fawn Pitbulls, they are more prone to overheating or hypothermia. Direct sunlight and high temperatures can cause skin burns and heatstroke. So when you become a Blue Fawn Pitbull owner, buy those accessories that keep them cool like water bowls and water sprinklers.


4. Need regular exercise

Due to their intelligence, stamina, high energy, and working dog nature, Blue Fawn Pitbulls require a lot of exercise. In order to keep your pup healthy, you need to take them for runs and walks. Similarly, they require continuous training and challenging dog sports such as weight pulling, agility, and running.


5. Health problems

There are certain health issues that are particularly related to Blue Fawn Pit Bulls. 

Hip Dysplasia

Due to their muscular body, they suffer a lot from hip dysplasia. Here, the hip joint grows abnormally, reducing the bone and socket joint movement. This is very painful and can result in other joint problems.


Compared to other dogs, Blue Fawn Pit Bulls are more prone to allergies. They can be severely affected by fleas, ticks, and mites. They are also more prone to food allergies.


Demodex is an immunodeficiency problem in Blue Fawn Pit Bulls that can cause scabs and hair loss.

Ear infections

They also suffer from a serious ear infection, so try to clean these regularly. If you find more wax or unusual odor, see your vet right away.


A common problem that is associated with Blue Fawn Pit Bulls is that they get overweight. So try to keep an eye on what they eat, like the treats you give them, and their caloric intake. If your dog eats treats, the general rule of thumb is not to feed more than 10% of his diet treats. Similarly, you must be aware of what foods are unhealthy for your dog.


6. You need secure fences

Blue Fawn Pit bulls are very powerful animals and can escape from all kinds of enclosures. Therefore, you must invest more in safe and strong fences so that your dog cannot escape.



Blue Fawn Pit Bulls are very loyal companions. They can be aggressive due to their high prey drive, however, with early socialization and training, this can be easily fixed. companions. Always consider all pros and cons before owning one.

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