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  • Helen

    Review: Petface Chicken Drummer

    512ZJd8X6FL.jpgThe Treat & Toy Combo comes in two sizes; 11cm and 14cm. You can choose from two shapes; Chicken Wing and T-Bone. It was given to Kara as a Christmas treat from a family member, after looking up the price we are expecting it to last a reasonable amount of time. We have found it for £6.49 on Amazon UK and have also spotted it in Tesco and Sainsbury's supermarkets in the UK. It is advertised with a "super tough inner nylon bone toy that lasts for ages" so expectations are high.

    My first impression was the 11cm variant is probably on the small side for a German Shepherd Dog although I find it tricky to keep her teeth clean so am hoping this will help in that area.


    Kara's interest was piqued by the scent as we opened the packet then she took the treat with relish. Kara hasn't ever had to compete for food therefore she sometimes takes a bit of time to get introduced to new treats; so far so good.

    IMG_2398.jpeg IMG_2410.jpeg

    The bone has an outer coating made from flavoured vegetable starch which she seemed to enjoy and which didn't leave any stains on our rug despite the packaging warning that we noticed later. I would *not* recommend ignoring this manufacturer advice, just in case. The treat kept her occupied for approximately an hour and a half. During this time it was chewed with different teeth in various paw and jaw clasps.

    IMG_2415.jpeg IMG_2422.jpeg

    Even after most of the outer coating was gone, the bone kept her occupied for around another thirty minutes. The inner bone is very tough and even with a big dog you can see from the photos it held up well. The shape is not symmetrical and it has grooves and holes once the outer layer is gone so it does encourage chewing in different positions. If your dog particularly likes chewing, this may keep them occupied for considerably longer but in my experience Kara is not likely to return to it now the flavour has gone.

    IMG_2425.jpeg IMG_2428.jpeg

    In conclusion this treat & toy in one seemed to do what it claimed. It's quite an expensive single use treat but if your dog won't get bored after the flavour has gone then it could be better value for you.

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    Helen is co-founder of the The Dogly Mail, an international primary school teacher and dog lover currently living in Slovakia

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    Update: Just to prove me wrong, Kara has been chewing on this a few times over the week even though all the outer coating is long gone. 

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